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This is a list of maps that have been cut from INFRA.

All of these maps can be downloaded from this link and this link (links provided by Oskutin and Zuntti respectively). These maps are provided as VMFs and must be compiled in Hammer before they can be loaded in-game.

Currently incomplete!

Screenshot Map Name Chapter Description
Act 1
Prologue.jpg prologue 0: Prologue Intended to be an introduction to the mechanics of the game, the map begins in an unnamed industrial area, followed by parts of what would later be integrated into stormdrain. The map ends abruptly at the large cave with the pipes opening into a small lake.
200x200px office_old 1: Preparations The oldest version of the office map, was intended to play similarly to the final product
tunnel2 3: Forgotten World
tunnel3 3: Forgotten World
200x200px steelfactory 4: Heavy Industry of the Past Originally intended to be the first map of Heavy Industry of the Past, the map takes place in the areas surrounding the steel factory
Act 2
central 6: Public Transport Older version of current map, features different ceiling design.
bunker 6: Public Transport Originally intended to be optional map.
stormdrain 6: Public Transport Originally set in chapter 6, different design and layout from current stormdrain.
200x200px parking_cave/parkkihalli 6: Public Transport A replacement for the original stormdrain, this map took place in a large cave converted into a parking area. It was cut very early on in development
Bank.jpg bank 7: Working Overtime Intended to be an additional section of cistern, the map features an underground server room along with a bank located above it. A puzzle involving shutting off the bank's security system and a sequence in which Mark is arrested for breaking into the bank were planned.
Act 3
Industrial.jpg industrial 8: Late for a Meeting Originally intended to follow the original stormdrain map, the map takes place in a run-down industrial section of Stalburg. Plans were made to recycle the map for Part 3, however, these pans were eventually abandoned. The beginning of the canal section at the start of the map was recycled into powerstation2.
200x200px drawbridge_OLD 8: Late for a Meeting A very early version of isle2, this map features an older version of the drawbridge puzzle and different layouts of the road and rail networks on the island
200x200px isle2_OLD 8: Late for a Meeting Coming soon.
200x200px officeblackout_OLD 8: Late for a Meeting Mostly identical to the retail officeblackout, although it featured additional segments that were intended to lead into the cut driving missions.
NPP 9: To Save a City Originally intended to be set in chapter 9, differences in outside area.
Alley.jpg alley 9: To Save a City The first map of the cut driving missions, this map was intended to take place on the streets of Stalburg surrounding Mark's office. The player was required to navigate their way through the deserted city streets, eventually making their way to an industrial section in the northern part of the map.
200x200px residential 9: To Save a City Based heavily off of "residential_old", this map was intended to be the original starting point for Chapter 9. The player would exit their truck in a small residential area, and then proceed into a service tunnel which would take them to the next map.
200x200px residential_old 9: To Save a City This map contains the final segment of "motorway"
Shipyard.jpg shipyard 9: To Save a City The second map of the cut driving missions, this map takes place in a shipyard located north of Point Elias. The player would be required to solve a puzzle in order to proceed through the yard, and would eventually make their way to the expressway.
200x200px motorway 9: To Save a City The third map of the cut driving missions, a majority of this map was intended to take place on one of Stalburg's highways. The player would eventually encounter construction further down the highway, and would be required to drive through a maintenance tunnel to exit the highway. The player would then enter a road passing a pond outside a small residential area, and would eventually re-enter he service tunnels. The last section of this map would be recycled into "residential".
200x200px ending_3_christmas 11: Epilogue An incomplete ending map set at Mark's cabin in Finland. Missing several brushes and entities.
200x200px arctic_test N/A A map which Yucca made while he was making the cable duct model set.
Gearbox.jpg gearbox N/A This is a map that Oskutin made for a school project.
200x200px menttiprojekti N/A This is a map that Oskutin made, is a map of some apartment buildings.
200x200px office_test N/A A more recent version of office
200x200px teaser N/A This is the map from the first INFRA teaser trailer.
200x200px tunnel3_OLD N/A Contains a section intended to connect to "steelfactory"
hallway N/A Older version of current map, Mörkö appears as 2D texture instead of 3D model.