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Stalburg's Central Metro Station, a stop on the City Loop line in the transit system, and the site of protests by public transit workers for 13 years. Beneath the station is a disused 60's themed office and service tunnels.


On August 8th 1986, a metro train had accidentally veered off course, and had a tunnel collapse upon it. All 86 passengers on-board were presumed dead, or so the public thought. Since then, union protests have gone on for thirty years for safer working conditions, but nothing ever changed. After the incident, Alex Hartman likely accessed the service tunnels of the station at some point, judging by the dynamite and graffiti left behind.

During the events of INFRA, the thirtieth anniversary of the accident was taking place. A civic group for the victim's relatives erected a memorial for those never seen again after the crash, during this time, the Public Transport Workers Union protested another year for better working conditions. Later in the day, it can be assumed the Bergmann tunnel collapse caused the flooding seen in underground parts of the station.

When Mark enters the station through the ventilation system, he's locked inside the station and unable to get phone reception. Mark crosses the platform to search for an alternate exit, and finds one in a partially flooded service tunnel, locked by a numeric keypad. Mark searches an antiquated office for the code, and manages to get out of the station.


Central Railway Station[edit]

The central metro station is a metro station where all local trains come to and from. It is built in a modest art-deco architecture, and is retrofitted with electronic advertisements and clocks. The station is generally a crowded place, many people using it for their commutes. Due to the collapse of water tunnels around Stalburg, access to the East Port line is totally flooded, as well as the service tunnels. Jeff Walter's likeness on a plaque was also vandalized, and a protest by the PTWU had recently taken place.


Accessible from the first underground level of the Central Metro Station is an abandoned 60's style office. The office stores several computers, filing cabinets a projector, and a recreation room. The office also provides entry to the service tunnels under the station.


Icon Name Description
Ach publictransport.jpg Public Transport Complete the chapter "Public Transport".


  • A boot branded with the word "BAN" can be seen in the trashcan next to the advertisement referencing Facepunch, a popular internet forum.
  • The office area contains a VCR projector that can play several VHS tapes in the office.
    • The first tape next to the projector reveals the location of the metro accident, and counts for corruption evidence.
    • The second tape in a bin next to a computer plays gameplay footage of Maahismättö. A game one of the developers, Zuntti made as a school project.
    • The third tape in a filing cabinet is blank, and doesn't contain anything.
    • The fourth tape found on the upper level of the office plays strange footage of a shadow of an industrial fan, while Morse code is audible. This is related to the ARG.