Carla Diethart

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Carla Diethart
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Carla Diethart
Name Carla Diethart
Status Alive
Gender Female
Appearances office
Voiced by N/A
Company National Consulting Group
Position Structural Engineer

Carla Diethart is an employee of the National Consulting Group, tasked with inspecting the Two Gorges Dam with her co-worker, Amit Rahal.

Story[edit | edit source]

Carla is present in the meeting Paul Lauwens holds in the beginning of the game, and is unsurprised when Paul tells them the city council doesn't have much to offer for maintenance funding.

It is evidenced by a call from Paul Lauwens received by Mark that their inspection came back reporting signs of extreme damage at the Two Gorges Dam. Amit and Carla returned to NCG offices in the Alcista Building where they awaited Mark's return.

After Mark finds his way back to the Alcista building, he can interact with Carla and Amit to ask them about their trip to the dam. Later, in the Nuclear Power Plant, Mark can hear Carla's poor opinion of him, mainly for drinking Osmo Olut. Afterwards, she can be seen on board the helicopter on the roof of the reactor building.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Markku Siltanen[edit | edit source]

Carla initially has a very negative opinion about Mark. When trapped in the offices in the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant, she complains that Mark is a "stubborn, grumpy alcoholic", and seems to envy his friendship with their boss, Paul Lauwens. If Mark finds and frees them from the office, he will later confront Carla about this post-game in the good ending, where in turn she sincerely apologizes through an email, but adds that Mark should stop drinking beer.