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Stalburg Map business2
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Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 1
Water Flow Meters 0
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The Point Elias train station and several minitrain tunnels. These tunnels connect directly to the Alcista Building, suggesting NCG is responsible for maintenance of the train stations around Stalburg.


Mark is just a stone's throw away from the NCG offices and recognizes he regularly passes through the station on his commutes home from work. He drains the flooded tunnels, and uses a minitrain to ride through underground tunnels and finally get back to the NCG carpark.


Minitrain Maintenance Tunnels[edit]

Tunnels that connect the Alcista building to other underground points of access across the city. Mark comments that he's visited these tunnels before with Steve and his boss, Paul Lauwens before.


  • Ville Sköldgangster's attempted sabotage of the train controls can be seen in a maintenance closet.