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Map Name business
BSP Name infra_c8_m6_business
Stalburg Map business
Photo Spots 10
Corruption Spots 5
Repair Spots 1
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 3
Water Flow Meters 0
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Point Elias, named the business district of Stalburg, is an appropriately filled area with a variety of shops, apartments, and parking garages.


Mark finds Point Elias has been heavily affected by the collapse of tunnels around Stalburg. Most of the roads have flooded, leading to car accidents all over the city. It seems the city has been evacuated with no one on the streets and all the stores closed and out of power. The only way forward is through a parking garage to another street. Mark restores power to the streets, and wanders towards the district's subway station.


Greenwar Building[edit]

The headquarters of an environmental activist group. Their activism is extreme however, as they seem to be regarded as a nuisance by the locals, harassing people in their cars. Furthermore, the building dons a tarp with the words "KILL ALL ENERGY WASTERS". Inside the leader's apartment, evidence can be found suggesting their attempted sabotage was to ensure no one could go to polling places in wake of the upcoming elections. The botched sabotage was conducted by a "Ville Sköldgangster".


A small apartment complex with its own garage. The unkept front door of Ville Sköldgangster's apartment is here, whose unpaid bills show he was behind on his rent, and likely evicted to be sent to Open Sewer.


Hidden Achievements[edit]

Icon Name Description
Ach thewasteland.jpg The Wasteland Take a sip of the mushroom tea.




  • If Mark decided to call the missing dock owner from Stalburg Steel in Act 1, the code to the Greenwar garage (7533), as well as the repainted dock and a cup of mushroom tea will appear. The tea will make Mark hallucinate the wasteland vividly.