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Map Name bunker
BSP Name infra_c7_m2_bunker
Stalburg Map bunker
Photo Spots 11
Corruption Spots 14
Repair Spots 0
Mistake Spots 0
Geocaches 0
Water Flow Meters 0
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A secret underground bunker built below Walter Tower. This map contains a great amount of lore about the S.N.W conspiracy, however parts of the bunker will only be accessible if Mark repaired the Hammer Valley Dam.

Story[edit | edit source]

The bunker was built sometime after World War II by a government organization called S.N.W (Stalburg Nuclear Weapons), with the funding of Jeff Walter and the support of high ranking officials for the purpose of constructing nuclear weapons. It's located in Walter Square underneath the foundation of the Walter Tower. In order to research and develop nuclear weapons, S.N.W. forced scientists from the Stalburg Atomic Research team (among them Xeander Berg), to work in the bunker and build weapons under the guise of "protecting the future of Stalburg".

Prior to construction of the bunker however, they found "something", and also began the development of biological weapons. To supply the scientists with nuclear material, the bunker had a railway system connected to the Stalburg metro system, using Bergmann tunnels to smuggle uranium from the Stalburg Nuclear Power Plant. On August 8th, 1986, a passenger train was accidentally routed to the bunker crashed in the main hall. All of the metro passengers survived the crash, but some of them may of been irradiated. The leadership behind S.N.W feared the project being exposed, and ordered the execution of all the surviving passengers, and began to close the bunker. At some point during the time, the lead scientist, Xeander Berg, escaped through the ventilation shaft, and another scientist was found dead in the hallway between rooms G1 and G2, presumably he committed suicide. There was an unexplained event involving a contaminant leak during the closure of the bunker, and all personnel were immediately evacuated and left everything in the bunker behind.

Mark passes through the bunker looking for an exit to the surface. Along the way he can explore the abandoned wings of the bunker and investigate what happened, as well discover the bodies of the missing metro passengers. Eventually Mark finds a ventilation shaft, and using mushroom-filled objects to activate gas sensors, stops a fan obstructing his path. Mark leaves the bunker using the ventilation system.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Main Hall[edit | edit source]

A large room within the bunker, this contains the train platform and crane that was used to unload the train cars used to smuggle uranium from the SNPP. The tracks leading out from the platform connects to the Stalburg's metro system. The hall contains multiple storage rooms, one of which contained centrifuges to enrich uranium, and another to hide the bodies of the passengers from the train wreck.

Sleeping Quarters[edit | edit source]

This wing contains the sleeping quarters for all of the guards and other military personnel stationed at the bunker, as well as elevators that led to upper levels of the bunker. Nearby is a canteen for all personnel in the bunker, which has collapsed and experienced an infestation of green mushrooms.

Laboratory[edit | edit source]

The laboratory is located further into the bunker adjacent from the sleeping quarters and a control room. It was used by scientists to experiment with radioactive materials. Warning lights indicate the area contains above-average levels of radiation. A "demon core" and reflector can be found here, as well as a document referencing the criticality accident of 1946 in Los Alamos.

Accommodation Wing[edit | edit source]

This locked wing of the bunker consists of bedrooms, a bar, swimming pool and recreation area. All the scientists who worked in the bunker lived here during the project. Prior to the metro accident, one of the scientist, Richard, became unhinged and started stealing cans of paint to paint murals of Mörkö, and used a sledgehammer to access a strange crawlspace in his room containing a computer. He is mentioned in a note of one of his colleagues who criticizes him for supporting the demon core over it's reflector with a screwdriver. Presumably the scientist living in room G1 committed suicide in the hallway between his own and Richard's room for unknown reasons, and is echoed by a visible noose in room G5.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Hidden Achievements[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Ach Demon core.jpg Demon Core Experiment Perform the experiment.
Ach statesaccommodation.jpg State's Accommodation Visit the scientist accommodation wing in the bunker complex.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Documents[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a discrepancy between the date of the metro accident, the Stalburg Times newspaper marks the event's occurrence on August 8th, 1986. Diaries inside the bunker however, suggest it took place on August 19th, 1986. This may be a developer oversight, or insinuate that S.N.W covered up the date of the crash.
  • The computer in Richard's room contains strange encrypted text. This is related to the ARG.
  • As black humor, Mark has unique dialogue for walking over the bodies of the metro passengers.
  • In a Discord post, Zuntti said Mörkö was intended to appear in the bunker, but he never got around to making it.