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This is a list of the books that appear in INFRA, along with their authors.

Book Name Cover Image Author
Important Books
The Legend of the Stalburg Underground LegendOfTheStalburgUnderground.png Kevin J. Herts
The Tunnel of Water Trees TunnelOfWaterTrees.png Silvia H. Raven
Stalburg Locations N/A Unknown
The Truth of Open Sewer N/A Unknown
Stalburg Mushroom Book N/A Tytti A. Sieni
Regular Books
All you need to know about Stalburg AllYouNeedToKnowAboutStalburg.png Viktor S. Kneller
Chemistry Chemistry.png Walter K. Black
The Office Survival Guide TheOfficeSurvivalGuide.png Viktor O. Stalnan
Plan F PlanF.png Grog H. Brog
Stalburg Animal Book N/A Bob B. Homt
Alan Bacon Cookbook N/A Alan Bacon
Business Law N/A Unknown
Stalburg Bunkers N/A Unknown
Transformation of War N/A Unknown
Planning N/A Unknown
Ultimate Engineering N/A Stephen Blackwood
Modern Skyscrapers N/A Unknown
Engineering Theory N/A James D. Hallet
Extreme Structures N/A Unknown
Camera Guide: How to Take Good Pictures N/A Unknown
Cooking with Hamster: Over 1000 Recipes N/A Unknown
Mankell N/A Unknown
Mast N/A Hoger T. Stans
6 Summer Nights at Osmo's Cottage N/A Tony J. Jacobs
Bridges N/A Unknown
INFRAstructure N/A Unknown
Stalburg History N/A Unknown
Stalburg History II N/A Unknown
Stalburg and Steel N/A Unknown
The Math Book N/A Unknown
The Black Book II: Everything You Need to Know How To Run Your Day N/A Unknown
Maahis Matto II: How You Can Beat The Final Boss N/A Unknown
How To Eat: 500 Tips How To Eat Healthy N/A Unknown
The Pineapple N/A Jimmy P. Apple