Amit Rahal

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Amit Rahal
Character of INFRA
mapimage:Amit Rahal
Name Amit Rahal
Status Alive
Gender Male
Appearances office
Voiced by N/A
Company National Consulting Group
Position Structural Engineer

Amit Rahal is an employee of the National Consulting Group, tasked with inspecting the Two Gorges Dam alongside Carla Diethart. Amit's name and accent suggests he's of Indian descent.

Story[edit | edit source]

Amit attends the meeting at the start of the game in the NCG offices, not offering much conversation during the meeting besides greeting his co-workers.

It is evidenced by a call from Paul Lauwens received by Mark that their inspection came back showing signs of extreme damage at the Two Gorges Dam. Amit and Carla returned to NCG offices in the Alcista building where they awaited Mark's return.

They are seen in the emergency conference setup in the Alcista building atrium once Mark returns there. Here Mark can interact with Carla and Amit more, asking about their trip to the dam, as well as inquire about the audio log they found left by Alex Hartman. Following their meeting, they are sent to the Blackrock Nuclear Power Plant. There, Amit and Carla accidentally lock themselves in an office off the atrium. They're then seen again on-board the helicopter on the roof of the reactor building.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Markku Siltanen[edit | edit source]

Amit thinks very highly of Mark, defending him in response to Carla's thoughts about him as a grumpy alcoholic, Amit cites Mark as a great guy who gets things done.

Carla Diethart[edit | edit source]

Carla is Amit's co-worker, and travels with him to inspect Two Gorges Dam, as well as share a helicopter with Paul Lauwens to the Black Rock Nuclear Power Plant. Carla is somewhat irritable around her co-workers, and blames Amit for causing some problems at the Two Gorges Dam, which in turn, Amit responds that they had no other choice as they were trapped in there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]