ARG Audio Files

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This page contains interesting audio files that may be related to the ARG.

File Timestamp Locations Description Source
special/coffee_effect_001.wav 2016-07-04T12:43:21+03:00 stormdrain Sounds like a low hum, with some machinery running in the background.
special/coffee_effect_002.wav 2016-07-04T12:43:21+03:00 stormdrain This is a combination of strange_bunker_computer_001 with what possibly sounds like the voice from wasteland_radio_001, with some chime music playing at the end.
special/coffee_effect_003.wav 2016-07-04T12:43:21+03:00 stormdrain This has Osmo-esque music at the start and a raspy breathing sound, both of which get slower at the end.
special/mushroom_effect_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 tenements This starts musical, then slows down at 8 seconds, a bell seems to ring at 24 seconds, and after that there is a creepy music track and a heartbeat, as well as what sounds like a really quiet version of the slowed ugu_001.wav voice in the background.
special/mushroom_effect_002.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 wasteland This plays when you first enter wasteland. It is a clip of several sounds that have been slowed down significantly: a voice that sounds like "don't be scared, come into my arms" and then either a manical laughing or crying, some kind of moaning, and then a gunshot at the end. There is also a reversed clip of what sounds like birds flying away at the end, before the gunshot, and the song that plays in tenements over the entire track. It also seems like a whisper track has been added after the file was slowed down.
ambient/random/berg_and_kleinmann_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 isle2 This is a heartbeat sound, as well as the same "hum" from ugu_001.wav.
ambient/random/binary_morko_001.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/binary_morko_002.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/binary_morko_003.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/binary_morko_004.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/binary_morko_005.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/binary_morko_006.wav ? binary Todo Freesound
ambient/random/error_sound_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 city_gates Plays along with the bluescreen when you enter the right code in city gates.
ambient/random/strange_bunker_computer_001.wav 2016-04-25T11:22:37+03:00 None Sounds like a series of audio-encoded data, however the correct format has not yet been identified. It is not SSTV.
ambient/random/strange_bunker_morko_001.wav 2016-04-25T11:22:37+03:00 city_gates Played at a reduced volume when Mark is heading down the hallway towards the cremation machine in city_gates. It's a simple jumpscare sound.
ambient/random/ugu_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 stormdrain Plays around the UGU sculpture in stormdrain. Voice todo.
ambient/random/wasteland_radio_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 wasteland Plays around a radio found in wasteland. For more information, see Wasteland radio morse. Freesound
ambient/random/wasteland_sound_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 wasteland Plays as an ambient sound in wasteland. Freesound
whiprock_dlc/special/ugu_prison_001.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 None Slowed and reversed aggressive protesting in what sounds like Finnish, but the voice is too hard to hear. There is a bit of reverb added.
whiprock_dlc/special/ugu_prison_002.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 None Faster and more distorted version of ugu_prison_001.
whiprock_dlc/special/ugu_prison_003.wav 2016-07-05T11:22:08+03:00 None Very quiet version of ugu_001, as well as a clinking sound in the foreground that sounds like chains hitting something.

For reference here the complete list of sounds digged out by user:CitadelCore:

 Tenements doorbell:
 Tenements doorbell 2:
 Reactor core robot:
 All binary morko sounds:
 May be part of shroom thing?
 UGU voice 1:
 UGU voice 2:
 UGU background: (modified)


 Coffee drink:
 Smash through wall:

 VHS fan thing:
 Viewports logon?

 Part of head chop: or or, and the drop is

 Shroom gun:
 Shroom music: