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This page contains information about the INFRA ARG, or alternate reality game, which consists of several extremely difficult codes embedded in INFRA and its game assets.

For miscellaneous unsorted assets, please see the Unsorted ARG Assets page. For audio files, please see the ARG Audio Files page.

Works In Progress[edit | edit source]

This is a list of unsolved puzzles that are being worked on currently.

  • Wasteland notes - All of the notes have been solved and "Truth" has been found but the next step is unknown.
    • Only hint we have for the next step is "5_PAT_?" which could mean a path or a pattern.
  • Body message - There are still few missing/guessed words that needs to be found/confirmed.
  • Villa woodboxes - The code on the boxes is yet to be solved. This is a high priority target.
    • Zuntti has pointed out that Villa office is an important place for the ARG - the only thing found there are the wooden boxes on the floor.

Existing codes[edit | edit source]

This is a list of the discovered codes in INFRA in chronological order of discovery.

"Correct order"[edit | edit source]

These are the codes in the "correct order" - the order mentioned in Zuntti's clues, likely the order we need to solve the ARG in.

Clues from Oskutin[edit | edit source]

"Look up at ceilings"[edit | edit source]

Oskutin has given multiple clues, perhaps forwarded from Zuntti, about looking up at ceilings to find data in multiple maps (from their map geometry).

"nobody ever looks up at ceilings"

Texture on one of the non-interactive cabinets/panels[edit | edit source]

Oskutin said these, after discussing what could be written on the wooden boxes in the Villa? (No idea if related but context might be helpful?)

Y93 755

Y93 755.png

Unknown (so far)[edit | edit source]

Probably should check every texture and model for this?

37DB 5069 64F8 6C 3076A3 1 A-XB2

How to decode: divide hex values by B2 (Thanks Oskutin?)

Decoded string is either PUNAINENTU or UTNENIANUP depending on the byte order.

NOTE: Oskutin said in Loiste Discord server that we should not waste time trying to solve this.

Encrypted messages[edit | edit source]

On April 6th, 2019, Oskutin posted a series of messages in the Loiste Community Discord server.

Message Number Message Decoded Message Method of Decoding
1: Posted at 6:46 10101100 10110001 10101000 1110101 10001011 10001101 10001010 10001011 10010111 1110101 10011100 10011110 10001111 10010110 10001011 10011110 10010011 1110101 10001100 10001010 10011101 10001011 10011010 10001101 10001101 10011110 10010001 10011010 10011110 10010001 1110101 10001101 10011010 10011011 10010000 10001010 10011101 10001011 1110101 10001110 10001010 10011110 10001101 10001101 10000110 SNW truth capital subterranean redoubt quarry Invert the bits, then convert to ASCII
2: Posted at 7:21 00100000F 00100000O 01010010Ö G11011110 01011000A P10101000 00111101K X != WR If letter in front of bits, then invert bits.

00100000F 00100000O 01010010Ö 00100001G 01011000A 01010111P 00111101K

Convert to ASCII and group...

" " = "F"

" " = "O"

"R" = "Ö"

"!" = "G"

"X" = "A"

"W" = "P"

"=" = "K"

Sort the list using the values on the right in Finnish alphabetical order.

Then write down sorted values on the left.

  • "Redoubt" is synonymous with fortification, hinting the upcoming DLC, Whiprock, will have more to add to the ARG.

Clues from Zuntti[edit | edit source]

Bunker breaker clue[edit | edit source]

On 27/10/2017 at (?), Zuntti posted this image in the #somewhat-off-topic channel of the INFRA discord server. The image's filename is "retupmo_reknu_srette_tsri.png".

Retupmo reknu srette tsri.png

This is an image of the breaker panels in the transformer room just outside the bunker blast doors. The filename of the image is backwards, not Finnish, and says "first letters bunker computer" which gives a clue to read the first letter of each word on the bunker computer code word grid.

Reactor lights clue[edit | edit source]

On 31/10/2017 at 12:42 UTC, Zuntti posted this image in the #spoilers channel of the INFRA discord server. The image's filename is "2_Remaining.png".

This is an image of the SNW reactor control panel, and a white mask model is barely visible in the control rods display. Zuntti actually posted a later image with the lights on the panel to the right circled.

This was later revealed to be connected to the Reactor lights code, the specific lights forming a pattern.

2 Remaining.png

Wasteland hideout clue[edit | edit source]

On 15/01/2018 at 14:18 UTC, Zuntti posted this image in the #spoilers channel of the INFRA discord server. The image's filename is "Truth.png".

This is an image of the coded notes found in the Wasteland map, with heavy red colour correction applied.


This is a brightened image.

Truth brighter.jpg

In both images, the green text "COR_ORD_1_BOD_MES_2_COM_QUE_3_CON_ANS_4_WAS_?_5_PAT_?" can be seen.

On the first image, the text "1. BUN_BREAKER_CEN_CONTROL_VI_OFFICE_RE_SNW" can be seen, and

on the second image, the text "4. What are you looking for? The right Question? The right Answer? The Right person?" can be seen.

Villa Boxes clue[edit | edit source]

On 08/10/2018 Zuntti responded to a question "Where is AH?" with one of the Hartman box codes "12 2 B 1 13 17".

Theory 1

AH is Alex Hartman or Albert Hartman:

12 2 B 1 13 17 = ALBERT

1 M 22 2 Y = EMILY

12=A, 2=L, 1=E, 13=R, 17=T, 22=I

Questions to answer: Who is Emily? Who is Albert? Alex Hartman's wife and son?

Theory 2

AH is Andrew Herts:

12 2 B 1 13 17 = ANDREW / KEVINJ

1 M 22 2 Y = HERTS

Possibilities: The boxes use separate codes There is one code but it is not a simple substitution

Note that the same boxes appear also in locations outside the Villa.

Shroom Bath clue[edit | edit source]

On 18/02/2019 at 21:29 UTC, Zuntti posted this image in #general in the Open Sewer discord. The image's filename is "bathroom_body_connection.png"

Bathroom body connection.png

What are the observations from this image?

  • The bath seems to be connected to a bunch of devices, wired up together. They look like answerphones, but might be rigged to explode. This place is shown in one of Open Sewer's trailers. It seems to be that these aren't answer phones, but radios.