Welcome to CoreNIC.

Get ready for a new revolution in top-level domains. CoreNIC is the democratic root zone for everyone.

Be up and running with your own .core, .startup or more domains for free in just a few simple steps!

Or, if you just need the DNS server details...

Why use CoreNIC?

CoreNIC is the newest alternative democratic root zone on the internet. If you don't know what that means - don't worry!

Crafted with love

Our voulenteer server administrators put time and effort into making sure your experience is fast and bug-free.

Always online

We try our absolute best to make sure our DNS servers are online 24/7, and we fix any broken servers extremely fast.


In CoreNIC, every user has a say in what happens with the management of the root zone and all Tier-1 servers.


Our dedicated servers have powerful Xeon processors and gigabit bandwidth so you get the best possible internet experience.

TLDs for everyone

CoreNIC literally has a TLD for everyone. And we peer with several other root zones, so you'll get access to those too!


We never keep records of user browsing history or IP addresses on our DNS servers. Stay anonymous!


Don't believe CoreNIC just works? Check out these testimonials from our awesome members!

CoreNIC is definitely the next step towards a more open and democratic Internet.

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Just a random person.

What? CoreNIC's DNS servers are faster than Google's DNS! And I love being able to register my own domains for free.

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Just a random person.

CoreNIC, thank you. I've finally been able to create the domain that's right for me!

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Just a random person.

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